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USED boxes insulated 2 tall Lang hives

$ 155.00

UBAG Lang hives have these features:

  • Bottom board spacer to both support hive and hold herbal leaf matter or other organic matter to increase hives’ natural “tree like” probiotic conditions. Allows limited air flow and adequate bee access.
  • 2 USED 10 frame deep box pine or fir finger joints are glued, screwed, nailed and coated with organic propolis and beeswax for ideal probiotic conditions.
  • USED wood frames are glued, set with 1” long staples in 6 orientations. ¾” short wood “centering guides” placed in frames to guide centered centered. many have drawn comb as well. These prevent  crosscombing
  • There will be some variability with the used gear but will ensure you are happy with the quality and price. 
  • Propolis trap on top encourages ample propolis collecting. Harvest in mid summer. 
  • Light / durable telescoping top prevents rain.
  • 2” insulation on four sides and top
    • Reduces bees' energy and stress to maintain the high 90s temp and 85% humidity ideal for baby bees (brood) rearing.
    • Can reduce mite loads 5 fold.
    • Lets you set up hives' second box right away, vs adding it later. 

For pick up at Urban Bees and Gardens (map) only at this time.