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Basic Tools

I only sell tools I use. The below list is comfortable, cost-wise, durable and is kinder to bees.


I’m on a mission to convert beeks from leather to thin nitril or tight fitting dishwashing gloves. You’ll kill fewer bees ‘cause you won’t be trying to “sew with ski gloves on”.

Yes chances of getting hand stung go up a tad BUT,

  • If you follow our hive tending guidelines, you’ll have very few hand stings.
  • It is the very rare and heavily covered beek that gets no stings
  • Stings also offer many benefits


  • Nitril gloves make hands sweat more
  • Invert when done to let air dry
  • Will last through dozens of inspections when treated carefully
  • Get one size bigger than your usu glove size: easier to pull on / take off
  • Are easy to put on with a little water to help them slide on 


Keeping cool is I think #1. This veil

  • Offers just enough webbing to be bee-proof
  • Lets you adjust your shirt and pants to fit the day or spiciness of the bees you’re tending
  • Is very affordable


  1. You do need to treat it with more care than others.
  2. Place nitril gloves and cap in veil, slide veil into bee shirt.
  3. My veil has been washed several times, has been used at 1000s of projects and still works fine.
A long-billed baseball cap holds veil from forehead to not let a bee sting you there.

     Hive tool

    Essential for opening hives, lifting frames harvesting propolis and moving bees.


    I use my mini saw often, to cut through burr comb that’s binding two frames together and to clear bees away when closing frames.

    Work with topbar hives? A long saw is helpful to sliced thru any burrcomb knitted to sides. coming soon ...


    Vital tool to keep from squashing bees between box joints brushing yourself off after beeking general bee herding

    Propolis jar: coming soon...  Collecting propolis is a must to

    • keep frames easier to move when tending
    • use as a probiotics with friends and family
    • use to scent hives and swarm lures

    A glass jar fitted into a drink cozy strapped to your tool belt keeps jar at hand but not in the way. Pic coming soon...

     Mite testing kit: coming soon


    Tools advanced

    Beevac: my custom design … description and price coming

    Mite fogger… orig design... also coming soon