Bee-utiful Summer IN Hive Journey

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Join beemaster Bri the bee guy of Urban Bees and Gardens on a trip into a thriving hive: 

  • Hear tales of ancient lore on bee beehvior and  consciousness.
  • Find and greet the queen, her sons and daughters.
  • Learn how hive is structured and functions in detail.
  • See and understand the many roles bees play, incl dancing!  


Harvest jars of honey and healing propolis for your home!

 Choose from long-sleeve clothing IN hive with Bri or shorts and stand behind netting. 

All other event-related materials provided, including chilled honey sweet teas / kombucha and light fare..


2018 Bee-utiful Summer Journeys are

  • Sun July 8
  • Sat July 21
  • Sun Aug 12
  • Sat Sep 8