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Honeybee Nucs

$ 165.00

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 New to bees? See the newbee page to answer basic Qs.

Nucs (aka nucleus) hold some 10,000 bees (adults and brood in cells), with a laying queen. Frames are designed to fit deep Langstroth (Lang) boxes only.

=> Pick up May 6th 6 a.m. in NE PDX

at our headquarters <=

Need your nucs transferred to medium langs, warre or topbar hive types? Click here for solutions.

It's been a hard year for bees. Supplies are down, demand has spiked and the weather's not very cooperative. Hopefully conditions will improve in 2018. 

Our nucs feature Oregon-bred mutt queens combining 

  • New World Carniolans from noted queen breeder Susan Cobey
  • USDA Russian mite resistant stocks
  • survivor stock from Oregon coast
  • 12 year old survivor stock mix of Minnesota Hygienic Italians

Ours take longer to build up than Hawaii or California-based bees, but the reward is hardy, local-survivor bees.

Treatment regime: Drivert Sugar / protein patties with probiotics as needed. Essential oil, Honey Bee Healthy and tea tree applications. Formic acid if needed.

We offer $3 off each returned box.

Gear you MUST have by the time you receive your nuc!

  • one deep 8 or 10 frame box
  • enough empty frames to fill 1st box (3 for an 8-frame box, 5 for a 10 frame box)
  • bottom and top boards

NOTE: You will need at least 1, even 2 more boxes with frames as the season advances, depending on bees’ vigor and climate.


If you need this kind of gear, or clothing etc, we'll soon have this available. Send an email for a direct msg when the page is up!