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NEW or USED Insulated 2-boxes tall Lang hives

$ 155.00

UBAG Lang hives have these features:

  • Bottom board spacer that holds herbal leaf matter or other organic matter to increase hives’ natural “tree like” probiotic conditions. Allows limited air flow and adequate bee access.
  • 10 frame deep box pine or fir finger joints are glued, screwed, nailed and coated with organic propolis and beeswax for ideal probiotic conditions.
  • Used boxes will have variety of drawn comb and not, touches of propolis.  Some might argue better than new... 
  • Wood frames are glued, set with 1” long staples in 6 orientations. ¾” short wood “centering guides” placed in frames to guide centered centered vs crosscombing. Why foundationless frames?
  • Propolis trap on top encourages ample propolis collecting. Harvest in mid summer. 
  • Light / durable telescoping top prevents rain.
  • 2” insulation on four sides and top
    • Reduces bees' food intake and stress levels needed to maintain the high 90s temp and 85% humidity ideal for baby bee (brood) rearing.
    • Can reduce mite presence 5 fold.
    • Lets you set up hives' second box right away, vs adding it later. 

For pick up at Urban Bees and Gardens (map) only at this time.