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Beekeeping Intro

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Summer/early fall are great times to explore your interest in beekeeping.

  • Bees are both at their peak and the weather is perfect for long sessions in hives.
  • Gives you ample time to design ideal bee/garden fit for years of satisfaction for you, friends and neighbors and your bees!

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Class covers all aspects needed to both start and maintain healthy hives:
  • Get a close up look inside hives.
  • See how to move gently in a hive, for you and your bees.
  • Summer is an ideal time to plan hive placement, identify the plants you may want to bring in and forming your plan to get bees next spring.

    My bees are super gentle, so shorts and short sleeves should be fine.  Wear what makes YOU feel comfortable. I‘ll have plenty of head-covering veils to go around.

    We will cover all aspects of getting started:

    • Hive type choices / pros and cons.
    • Gear, tools and cost saving options.
    • Where to place your hive and watering system.
    • How to get bees.
    • How to monitor and manage / harvest from your bees for their health and everyone’s success.

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