Bee Bucks: Earn & Learn Program

Urban Bees and Gardens has many avenues to learn and help ... both bees and folks who want to lend a hand.

Bee Bucks is UBAGs way of saying thanks for supporting our mission and projects. 


The nitty gritty:

  1. Send in the 5-mins-max volunteer interest form.
  2. Take a look at UBAGs calendar. Those with “vol help needed” will pop out. Reach me with Qs or sign up for shifts.
  3. Together we’ll figure out a mutually agreeable “your wants / UBAGs wants” connection based on skills and routine.
  • For each hour supervised help UBAG gives 3% of that item’s value. $40 class is $34 after 5 hours for eg.  
  • Once trained, each hour help leading a project is scaled at 6% / hour.
 This is a new program. Your input on it welcome!
Let’s bee having some fun making a diff together!