Ash Beetree move 4.18.18

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story 1st...

Ash beetree move slippery slope that ended with success.

VERY muddy steep site. Huge cavity busting with bees...5 yr old colony...and only 3 days AFTER its primary swarm.

Tho gently lowered trunk section some 500 bees fell inna clump on the ground  and 6 ft tall x18 inches est volume packed with comb n bees.

NW Tree Specialists arborists were troopers! We're talkin' facing a few 100 angry flying bees. Hats off and my personal plug to hire this skilled and bee-loving tree company!  

Then it was slip n slide n 20 mins to extract chipper truck stuck in soft clay.

On the plus side Bill's little yellow mini tractor capably drove up to the street with 6.5 feet 400 lbs of wood n bees.

The rest was easy.

Tho late St John Fischer students popped out to get both an impromptu bee class AND get a few loose girls ... worker bees... in the car to walk on their hands. Best moment of the day. Love my job!!

Grabbed their observation hive to take back to UBAG to prep it for returning next Wed's obs-hive installation event.

North then over the Columbia to Jodi n Raymond's 5 acre farm and ... with extra muscle by son Tanner, to set up with entrance facing the house.

On the way home got call about chilled bees building wax under fence leave.

So the season shifts into higher gear.

May your swarms be low and diverse. Your stings few and curative, fellow Bee Guardians.

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